4. Vakıf Hanı History and Features

The building of Legacy Ottoman Hotel, the only 5-star hotel in Sirkeci, has a very important history. Hotel; It is indeed a ‘legendary’ building like its name with its magnificent view, domes rising to the sky and its important location.

The building of Legacy Ottoman Hotel has a history of 100 years. It witnessed the last periods of the Ottoman Empire and then witnessed the establishment of the Republic.

4. Vakıf Han

The fourth Vakıf Han is one of the most beautiful buildings brought to Istanbul by Architect Kemaleddin, one of the famous architects of the last period of the Ottoman Empire.

The building was designed in 1911 and its construction started the following year. However, the construction of the building was completed in 1926 due to wars.

4. vakıf hanı projesi

4. Vakıf Hanı Projesi (VİBMA)

Presumably, the building, which was roughly finished in 1919, was used in this way. When Istanbul was occupied, this building was used by French soldiers. This building, called “Caserne Victor”, was used as a military headquarters.

Building Features

The fourth Vakıf Han building was built with a steel frame system. It has 7 floors in total.

Cut stones are used on the front and sides of the building. Bricks were used at the back and in the partition walls inside the building.

On the ground floor of the building, 24 shop areas have been built, each of which has two floors. On the other floors, there are 148 rooms, 37 on each floor. The rooms that coincide with the corners are designed to overflow outward. The corner rooms on the top floor are covered with a dome. These domes give the building a tower appearance.

Vakıf Han,Sebah Joallier

Vakıf Han, Sebah Joallier

It was formed by combining 15 vertical sections on the front facade of the building. On this facade, three different views were created with 3 horizontal lines.

IV.Vakıfhan ,Sebah Joallier

IV.Vakıfhan, Sebah Joallier

The window shapes on the front are also special. The windows on the second, third and fourth floors are decorated with pointed arches. In the last two floors, triple window layout was used.

The fourth Vakıf Hanı building is the most monumental building built in the last period of the Ottoman Empire. Although it was used as an office building after its construction, it remained idle due to neglect.

The idle building was restored and repaired and opened in 2007 as Legacy Ottoman Hotel.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel makes a difference with its 5-star service quality in the Emiönü region of Istanbul.