10 Restaurants Offering Local Tastes in Istanbul

Unique flavors of Turkish cuisine are famous all over the world. Turkish cuisine, thanks to Turkey’s position and legendary history has been influenced by many civilizations.

Turkish cuisine is unlimited with its many local flavors from the Aegean to the Middle East, from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. If you have come to Istanbul and like to try new flavors, you are in the right place.

You can discover the rich dining options in Istanbul. Are you ready for a full taste tour?

Üsküdar, Beyoğlu, Eminönü, Historical Peninsula, Kadıköy… Places that everyone who comes to Istanbul should discover. Here are 10 local restaurants located here:

10 Best Turkish Cuisine Places in Istanbul

1- Konyalı Restaurant, Sultanahmet

Konyalı Lokantası


Konyalı Restaurant is located on the side of Topkapı Palace overlooking the Bosphorus. Thus, you really have the chance to eat dishes of the palace cuisine in the garden of a palace.

In Konyalı Restaurant, which has been serving since 1969, you can find the palace sherbet served in Ottoman palaces.

You can try tas kebab, incik kebab, Konyalı kebab, stuffed lamb, beğendili kebab and islim kebab in the menu.

2- Bankalar Restaurant, Karaköy

bankalar lokantası


Bankalar Restaurant is one of the first places that come to mind when local Turkish dishes are mentioned in Istanbul.

The Bankalar Restaurant takes its name from the Bankalar Street right next to it. It was founded by Gasper Yazıcı of Armenian origin in 1947. Its rich menu includes soups, olive oil dishes, boiled dishes and meat dishes.

While satisfying your hunger at the Bankalar Restaurant, you also experience a short historical adventure. Examining the beauties of the historical building also satisfies the human soul.

3- Çiya Sofrası, Kadıköy

çiya sofrası


Çiya Sofrası is located in Kadıköy. It is possible to find Ottoman, Anatolian, Mesopotamian and Balkan flavors.

Choosing what to eat at Çiya Sofrası, which has a very rich menu, can be really difficult. Because you’ll want to taste every meal.

There are many dishes here, you will hear the name for the first time. We recommend you to try dishes such as meatballs with cherry, dried eggplant, stuffed quince, analı kızlı soup, falafel and borani. We recommend the final zahter tea after the meal.

4- Fasuli, Karaköy



Fasuli, a Black Sea restaurant, has branches in Tophane, Çapa, Cerrahpaşa, Sirkeci and Vatan Street.

It has dishes specific to Black Sea cuisine such as ‘karalahana sarma’. In addition to the soups that you will admire, the dish that makes it famous is white beans.

The secret of famous Akif Usta’s world-famous white beans lies in plenty of butter.

5- Hayvore, Beyoğlu



It has a strange name, right? Hayvore! It means “I am here” in Laz, which is the local language of the Black Sea people.

If you are looking for local flavors in Istanbul, you should definitely visit this place for Black Sea dishes. Here you will find thousands of varieties of anchovy, the indispensable fish of the Black Sea. Fried anchovy, anchovy pancake, rice with anchovy etc.

There are also local delicacies on the menu such as karalahana soup, Akçaaabat meatballs, Çayeli white beans and karalahana sarma.

If you want to eat dessert after your meal, there are also many options. You can try desserts such as Hayvore Bundle, Laz Pastry, Giresun Paste.

6- Fıccın, Beyoğlu



Fıccın is a Circassian dish. We can compare it to a pie with minced meat.

There are many delicious Circassian dishes in Fıccın in Beyoğlu. Tülen soup, Circassian chicken, Circassian ravioli and poppy seed revani are some of them.

It will be the right address for a light lunch.

7- Hacı Abdullah Restaurant, Beyoğlu

Hacı Abdullah Lokantası


The history of Hacı Abdullah Restaurant goes back to 1888. In addition to its delicious food, its stylish design also impresses its guests.

There are many traditional dishes on the menu. Stuffed vegetables, olive oil dishes, lamb tandoori, kebabs, etc. It will be difficult to decide.

8- Kanaat Restaurant, Üsküdar

Kanaat Lokantası


Kanaat Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is located in Üsküdar square.

It has a rich menu of Istanbul and Palace flavors. You can find chicken soup with vermicelli, tripe, kebab with taste, albanian ciğer, lamb tandoori, stuffed artichoke and dozens of other dishes.

When it comes to Turkish food, be sure to try the doner that comes to mind first.

9- Hünkar Restaurant, Nişantaşı

Hünkar Lokantası


Hünkar Restaurant was opened in the district of Fatih in 1950. You can find the best examples of Ottoman palace cuisine here.

You should definitely try meat dishes. Lamb tandoori and veal bowl kebab are among the prominent dishes. You can drink Istanbul’s most delicious head-trotting soup here, too.

You can also eat bread kadayıf with cream and semolina halva in Hünkar, which is also assertive about dessert.

10- Borsa Restaurant, Harbiye

Borsa Restoran


Borsa Restaurant is located in the part of the Lütfü Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center overlooking the Bosphorus.

The restaurant has a modern design and serves Anatolian cuisine. The decoration of the place is also very remarkable. The walls are decorated with famous paintings.

You can taste many local delicacies such as special Borsa Meatballs, stuffed kale, hünkar beğendi. After the meal, you can also try bread kadayif with Afyon cream and fig dessert with dates.