10 Information to Help You Visit Cappadocia in Winter

Cappadocia, which has the most interesting earthy forms of the world formed by an interaction lasting for millions of years, is visited by millions of people every year and even every season. Gorgeous underground cities, natural and historical beauties, fairy chimneys, faith centres, interesting landforms and many others are just a few of the reasons you can visit Cappadocia! Moreover, this unique region ranks first among the places where our country has an entirely different atmosphere during the winter months. Why, in the winter, why Cappadocia? Here is the information that will allow you to visit Cappadocia which witnesses the landscapes that you cannot see anywhere else in the world!


  1. Unique Earth Shapes: Fairy Chimneys

Many of us learned during the school years that the floodwaters that descended from the valley slopes eroded the soil formed by tuffs due to the wind and that a natural formation called a fairy chimney emerged. But it is an entirely different experience to see these formations and witness the fascinating atmosphere! The fairy chimneys you can look between Avanos, Uchisar and Urgup are found in countries like America, Canada, China and Serbia. If you don’t want to go that far, we recommend you to see this paradise region next to us.


  1. A completely different experience: Hot Air Balloon tour

Hot Air Balloon tour Cappadocia is the first activity that comes to mind. Cappadocia’s unique nature and interesting landforms can be seen with the most beautiful balloon round. Moreover, the balloon tour gives you a completely different interpretation of flying. For this reason, you can visit Cappadocia, which turns into a white paradise especially in winter, to make a hot air balloon tour!


  1. A World Heritage Site: Göreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum, which is known to be home to monastic life until the 8th century AD, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The historic houses, churches, schools and dining halls in the region, consisting of rock settlements established in an area like a valley, are remarkable. In addition to these structures, some of the churches have amazing and historical wall paintings.


  1. Indispensable for nature sports: Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley is one of the largest canyons in the world. This private canyon offers a unique trekking environment for millions of nature enthusiasts every year. While walking, carved structures along the course and frescoed churches accompany you. The Melendiz River, which you see towards the end of the course, is perfect for a meal break!


  1. Surreal architecture: Underground cities

One of the information that will allow you to see the Cappadocia is underground cities in the region. The cities, which have been carved deep into the ground and sustained by large communities, are connected through secret passages. The reason for this is, of course, the desire to have a safe environment against attacks. The most known underground cities of Cappadocia are Kaymaklı, Derinkuyu, Özkonak and Mucur.


  1. An Unforgettable Sunset: Kızılçukur Valley

The best place to watch the sunset in Cappadocia is Kızılçukur Valley. The valley full of rock formations, made up of red tuff, changes colour between red and green tones according to daylight and takes on a completely different view.


  1. A pleasant stay: Cave hotels

One of the most important reasons to choose Cappadocia during the winter months is the accommodation options with the concept of cave hotel. Everything you need to have a great holiday experience in the rock hotels created with the restoration of old rock settlements!


  1. The gourmet side of Cappadocia: Urgup vineyards

The tuffaceous soil structure of Cappadocia as a result of its geographical features and volcanic effects makes it suitable for the development of viticulture activities. As a result, Urgup has unique wines that you cannot taste anywhere else. This region is very ambitious regarding grape wine tasting without definitely needing to return!


  1. The most beautiful winter holiday!

There are countless beauty cities or regions in our country, but there are generally ideal seasons for these regions. Cappadocia is the only address for non-seasonal holidays! Although this particular region is another beauty in all seasons, it has a white view, especially in winter.


  1. Both economical and enjoyable!

Access to Cappadocia is straightforward. Moreover, there are accommodation options for every budget in the region. Winter holidays are generally costly, but if you are in search of a more economical holiday, Cappadocia might be the perfect place for you! For this reason, you need to start planning your holiday in Cappadocia.