The Best 9 Restaurants of Adana Cuisine in Istanbul

Adana is not only famous for its unusual people scenes because of the extreme heat, but also with its delicious cuisine. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Adana is kebab! But make sure the Adana delicacies are not only limited to kebabs. But should we go to Adana to taste these unique flavours? Of course not, because there are many restaurants in Istanbul, which are assertive about Adana cuisine. Here are nine restaurants to enjoy the wonderful Adana dishes!


  1. Harbi Adana Ocakbaşı

Harbi Adana Ocakbasi, who claims to have made the best Adana kebab in Istanbul, is not unfair at all! The two most popular tastes on the menu of the restaurant which you can visit in the street climbing to Ortaköy Yıldız slope are Harbi Adana and Harbi Kaburga. In addition, the menu includes shish kebab, lamb chops and chicken skewers, and Adana turnips.

Address: Ortaköy, Portakal Slope St., No: 2, Beşiktaş


  1. Hamdi Restaurant

Hamdi, one of the historical restaurants of Eminönü, is one of the best representatives of Adana delicacies in Istanbul. You can eat the most delicious Adana meals in the restaurant which has the best view with its magnificent location and quality service.

Address: Rustem Pasa, Tahmis St., Kalcin St., No: 11, Eminonu


  1. Adanalı Şenol Kolcuoğlu

Şenol Kolcuoğlu draws attention with its branches in Adana and carries Adana delicacies to İstanbul with this restaurant. This delightful place in Istanbul is very famous for its Adana kebab. If you want to enjoy Adana meals in the place with sea and island views, we recommend you to visit as soon as possible.

Address: Barbaros, Begonya St., No: 2C / 3, Ataşehir


  1. Adana Dostlar Kebab House

Located in Ataşehir, Adana Dostlar Kebab House touches the heart of its guests with its rich menu and delicious Adana delicacies on the menu. You can taste the unique examples of Adana dishes in the preferred place for crowded events.

Address: Barbaros, Halk St., No: 31, Atasehir


  1. Adana Il Sınırı

Adana Il Sınırı, which has many branches in Istanbul and has become an indispensable part of kebab lovers with its friendly atmosphere, is one of the best in Adana cuisine. In addition to the kebab, you can taste the Adana delicacies that you miss in the place that offers various appetisers.

Address: Harbiye, Mim Kemal Oke St., No: 14, Sisli


  1. Yüzevler Kebab

One of the best kebab restaurants in Turkey, Yüzevler brings the famous delicacies of Adana to Istanbul. You can taste unique Adana delicacies in every season with indoor and outdoor areas.

Address: Etiler Mah., No: 70, Nispetiye Cad., Besiktas


  1. Köşebaşı

Köşebaşı, the kebab restaurant spread over three continents, seven countries and 30 branches, has the title of “Best Kebab Restaurant in Istanbul” by Times Magazine! And he deserves this title until the end. You can taste the most special tastes and kebabs of Turkish cuisine in the place and feel the famous Adana delicacies.

Address: Harbiye, Bronz St., No: 5, Macka-Sisli


  1. Adanalı Yusuf Usta

Adanalı Yusuf Usta, one of the best representatives of Adana cuisine in Istanbul with its unique turnip juice and famous Adana delicacies, is ideal for those who love Adana dishes. It is possible to consume all the tastes you miss in the best way.

Address: Cihangir, Ambarlı Dolum Tesisleri Road., Avcilar


  1. Taşköprü Adana Kebab House

Taşköprü Adana Kebab House, which is a very roomy and spacious place, has delicious Adana dishes on its menu. You can try this gourmet place in Üsküdar to taste the most beautiful form of kebab.

Address: Altunizade, Ordinaryüs Professor Fahrettin Kerim Gökay St, No: 70, Üsküdar