Istanbul Travel Guide… From The Bosphorus To the Historical Peninsula Tour What To Do In Istanbul In One Day

Istanbul is the perfect place for those who like to eat, to visit and to see. Because what to do in Istanbul has no real end. For example, you can go to a lot of places while going to somewhere else. Or you can feed your stomach until you’re on the way to eat because Istanbul is a city full of surprises. It always gives people more. Here are the activities that can be done in Istanbul and also includes shocks.


Looking At Istanbul From Galata Tower

Don’t forget to watch the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus from the Galata Tower, which was built in 528 and is one of the most important symbols of the city. After looking at Istanbul from this place where UNESCO took the World Heritage List in 2013, there will be an image of Istanbul in your mind that you will never forget.


Eating Fish and Bread in Eminönü

Eating fish bread at many points in Istanbul is possible. But undoubtedly one of the places where fish bread holds the most delicious is Eminönü. Whether you eat under the Galata Bridge or at the pier, don’t forget to take a glass of pickles after you finish your bread!


Historical Peninsula Tour

If you are interested in history, do not forget to visit the Historical Peninsula. In fact, all of the historical artefacts found here are among the “must-visit in Istanbul”. You will see in the Historic Peninsula; Grand Bazaar, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Sehzade Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Beyazit Square, Basilica Cistern, Binbirdirek Cistern, Serefiye Cistern, German Fountain and more.


A brewed tea in Gülhane Park!

In the old days, one of the gardens of Topkapi Palace, Gülhane Park, includes tulips, magnificent trees and various flowers. If you are going to visit the Historical Peninsula and you want to take a short break in the shade of the trees, you should definitely visit Gülhane Park.


Maiden’s Tower Trip

The Maiden’s Tower, which was an essential structure in ancient times, in Rome and the Ottoman Empire, was rebuilt many times and was used for different purposes. This structure, which is one of the unique beauties of Istanbul, is built on the rock at the entrance of the Bosphorus. It also hosts many legends. If you want to see an exquisite Bosphorus view, don’t forget to go to the Maiden’s Tower.


Bosphorus tour

Another activity, which is as beautiful as looking from the Istanbul to Bosphorus, is to look at the Istanbul from Bosphorus. In this tour, which lasts approximately two hours, you can witness the most beautiful buildings of Istanbul’s silhouette. Not to mention the sea air!


The trip to the Prince Islands

Isn’t it crazy to come to Istanbul and leave without visiting the Princes’ Islands? It is a bit difficult to visit all of them in one day, but you can enjoy one island in a magnificent way. Our advice to you is to visit Heybeliada or Büyükada. Buyukada is the most visited island; you can choose Heybeliada if you want a quieter place. Here, you can have beautiful walks in nature, bike ride, beautiful houses and historical artefacts, and taste great flavours.


Enjoying a bike

Another way to enjoy the beach in Istanbul is to ride a bicycle, and there are magnificent coastlines in Istanbul. Bikes can be rented at very reasonable rates. Among the lines you will enjoy are such as Caddebostan- Kartal, Ortaköy- Bebek, Kocamustafapaşa- Samatya, Fenerbahçe-Maltepe, Ortaköy- Yeniköy lines.


The trip to Atatürk Arboretum

Atatürk Arboretum, which is one of the peaceful secret gardens of Istanbul, is an excellent option for those who want to be alone with nature. The Atatürk Arboretum, located on the Kemerburgaz-Bahçeköy line in Sarıyer, Istanbul, has 2,000 plant varieties. That means that you can experience all shades of green and breathe clean air.


The passages of Beyoğlu

If you are a shopping enthusiast and like to mix up the sales booths, don’t forget to visit the passages of Beyoğlu. Here you can find the products of many famous brands at an affordable price. The most well-known of these passages are Beyoğlu and Terkos Passages.


View from the Pierre Loti Hill to the Golden Horn

Do not forget to look at the Golden Horn from Pierre Loti Hill, which is one of the most popular destinations since the 18th century. Reach the coffee shop named after the French writer Pierre Loti and sip your coffee looking at the scenery. Because Pierre Loti came to this coffee shop, previously known as the Rabia Women’s Coffee,  and wrote the novel Aziyade against this unique landscape.


Kuzguncuk Peace

If you are looking for a neighbourhood that is home to a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere, beautiful houses and great people, you should visit Kuzguncuk. Browse through historic houses, take pictures and when you get tired, have a cup of tea in one of the region’s cosy cafes.


Enjoying Kanlıca yoghurt

Is it likely to come to Istanbul and not to eat Kanlıca yoghurt? When you go to Kanlıca, sit on any yoghurt in the beach. Enjoy your yoghurt with powdered sugar! Let’s not forget that there are versions of honey, ice cream and jam!


Taste kumpir in Ortaköy

It is undoubtedly an enjoyable activity to watch the Bosphorus from Ortaköy. If you have an idea to watch the Bosphorus from Ortaköy and have a bit of an open stomach, don’t worry! Because as soon as you step to Ortaköy, kumpir places will give you an idea.


Feriköy Antique Market

If you have come to Istanbul and the day is Sunday, we have an excellent suggestion; Feriköy Antique Market, which is the meeting point of antique enthusiasts. Thousands of antique products in this place where you do not doubt to find anything to get something because the choices are too many.


Street flavours tasting

Don’t forget to taste the street delicacies in Istanbul comply with the neighbourhoods! For example, we said yogurt in Kanlica, fish in Eminonu and kumpir in Ortakoy. In addition to these, you can experience the unique tastes such as burek-Sariyer, Chocolate-Beyoğlu, Meatball-Sultanahmet, breakfast & mussels-Besiktas, kokorec-Kadikoy, chestnut-Istiklal Street, sweetbread-Sutluce, dry beans-Suleymaniye.