Top 7 Delicious Meals From Balkan Cuisine

The Balkans, one of Europe’s most ethnically and culturally attracted regions, also has an extraordinary and exciting culinary culture. Moreover, many delicious dishes of the Balkan cuisine are indispensable for our kitchen! In this article, we will give you a list of the great tastes coming from our Balkan cuisine. That’s what you think belongs to our kitchen, but it’s actually essential flavours that belong to the Balkans!


  1. Burek (Pastry)

Burek, which was prepared by filling phyllo with feta cheese, minced meat or vegetables, was as common in old Ottoman cuisine as it is now. The birthplace of this delicious food is, of course, Balkan cuisine! By reaching another level of taste with the delightful Balkan yoghurt, burek is another one of the indispensable flavours of both ours and the Balkan kitchen.


  1. Polneti Piperki (Stuffed Pepper)

One of the most popular flavours of our table is the homemade Balkan cuisine. Bell peppers stuffed with rice, ground beef, vegetables, baked in the oven, not in the saucepan in Balkan cuisine. Although we usually cook in the pan, this great flavour is one of the most popular tastes of our tables!


  1. Palachinke (Crepe)

In the Balkan cuisine, this flavour, which is called Palachinke and is almost the same as the pancake, is prepared by frying and baking a smooth dough made from the egg, wheat flour, milk and salt. Then it is served with the addition of chocolate, jam or fruit.


  1. Tavche Gravche (Dry Beans)

The popular taste of our meals is dry beans, a ubiquitous meal in Balkan cuisine. But of course, there are some differences. Baked beans are usually made in the pan in the Balkans and are drier than in ours. Beans are left hardier and prepared with minimum tomato paste. Of course, its taste is as beautiful as ours!


  1. Ajvar

This beautiful sauce from Balkan cuisine is also very popular in our country. Usually prepared with eggplant, red pepper and garlic, ajvar is originally a Yugoslavian flavour. Nowadays, this sauce, which is still very much made in our kitchen and on the Balkan cuisine, is usually prepared in the autumn months and consumed with real pleasure in the winter.


  1. Elbasan Tava

One of the indispensable tastes that come from Balkan cuisine to our table is without a doubt Elbasan Tava. This dish is of Albanian origin prepared with boiled lamb meat with eggs, garlic and yoghurt sauce then put in the oven, named after the city of Elbasan, Albania. It is claimed that this delicious dish was made in its best place; The reason is the very healthy diet of animals grown in the region and the meat’s smell of thyme.


  1. Popara (Papara)

Popara, known as papara in our country, is one of the most simple but delicious dishes of the Balkans. For the preparation of Popara, pieces of bread and shredded cheeses are thrown into the powdered chilli powder. Sounds strange, but its taste is undisputed!