8 Different Foods Belong To The Ottoman Cuisine

The Ottoman culture was a culture that attracted the attention of the whole world both during its existence and after. One of the highlights of this culture was undoubtedly its cuisine. We can understand the importance of cuisine in the Ottoman by the fact that the kitchen of Topkapı Palace is exactly 5250 square meters. The fact that Ottoman cuisine has a significant place among the world cuisines can be attributed to the fertile lands of Anatolia, its historical richness and the influence of different cultures. Briefly; The rich cuisine of the Ottomans has always surprised those visiting this land! What kind of tastes were there in Ottoman kitchen? Here are eight different and delicious dishes of the Ottoman cuisine!


  1. Fodula

Fodula is one of the interesting but unique tastes of Ottoman cuisine. The most important feature of this different dish is that it is made with veal and rye bread. The rye bread is prepared only by cutting it off and taking out its inside. The veal is cooked with vegetables and placed in the bread. Finally, the bread adorned with butter is smeared in the oven and consumed with a meal after cooking.


  1. Melon Dolma

Although the name of this different dish sounds strange, its taste is unquestionable! Melon Dolma materials include melon, beef, rice, almonds, spices, currants, and pistachios. In order to prepare the Melon Dolma, the upper part of the melon is cut into a hat, and its seeds are removed. Then the lamb is cooked on low heat, and a unique mixture is prepared with other ingredients. The final mix is filled into the melon, and the melon is fed into the oven.


  1. Akike

Akike, one of the most varied dishes of Ottoman cuisine, is prepared by cooking mutton, tail oil, yogurt, cinnamon, and various spices in a hot pot together with gum mastic. This exciting mixture was one of the most loved and favorite tastes of the palace.


  1. Mihlama

Among the most known Black Sea flavors, Mihlama was one of the indispensable dishes of the Ottoman palace cuisine. This meal, made with cheese, butter and corn flour in the Black Sea cuisine, was prepared with minced meat, eggs and various spices in the Ottoman cuisine.


  1. Beyrani

Beyrani soup, which is among the most popular tastes, is a real Ottoman taste. This unique soup, which is prepared with a variety of spices and cooked on low heat, has high nutritional value. We recommend you to visit Antep to experience the most delicious taste of Ottoman cuisine.


  1. Yufkalı Dörüzziyafe Meatballs

This dish, which is even different in name, was prepared by mincing the veal, lamb and chicken meat and then mixing them with peanuts, eggs, and various spices. After the mixture was prepared, it was rested for a while, added to a thin flask opened in hand, and wrapped in paninum. Then the panis was cut and cooked.


  1. Mutancana

One of the interesting tastes of Ottoman cuisine, Mutancana was prepared with lamb, shallots, almonds, red grapes, honey, apricots, plums, and dried figs. The trick about this dish, which is made up of entirely different ingredients, was the cooking and the final mixing of meat and dried fruits.


  1. Piruhi

The name comes from Russian; the taste comes from the Ottoman cuisine, this different kind of food can be described as a kind of ravioli. However, in Piruhi, in contrast to the classic mantı, not meat, cheese and parsley are used. Also, a sauce with the yogurt is poured, and the result is a distinctive flavor worthy of the sultans are revealed…