8 Locations From Istanbul and Its Surroundings To Enjoy The Autumn

Istanbul, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world without any doubt, wraps up another beauty not only in summer but in all seasons. One of the months that has its unique charms are the autumn months. This enchanting and romantic atmosphere of autumn is best lived in Istanbul and its surroundings! Well, people who want to spend the autumn with peace of mind, where should spend time in and around Istanbul? Here are the exciting locations will make you feel the autumn to the bone!


  1. Polonezköy

Polonezköy will come to the mind of many people who are sure to have the most beautiful autumn in Istanbul. Located in a nesting position in nature, Polonezköy is one of the rare places where the forest is protected. For a peaceful day, you can choose the Polonezköy with a forest view and a lush green ambiance. Of course, despite all the weekends is a little intense. Despite this, it may be preferable to spend a pleasant and peaceful day, especially in the autumn.


  1. Agva

Agva, a fishing town built on both sides of the river, is the stopover point for those who are bored with the crowds of Istanbul and want to make a small rest break. The fact that it is one hour away from Istanbul is also among the features that make it attractive. This place intertwined with nature, fall into another beauty in autumn. Therefore, if you are one of those who admire the enchanting views of autumn, we recommend you to visit Agva at the earliest opportunity.


  1. Şile

Just like Ağva, we are with another nature route very close to Istanbul. Although the coast of Şile is generally preferred for the sea in summer, it is quite enjoyable in autumn. The clean air that will open you and the fishing boats that turn into small restaurants can be ideal for those who want to have a peaceful and tranquil day. You can also take a nature walk around Saklıgöl and make you forget all the chaos of the city.


  1. Maşukiye

Located in Sapanca, which is one of the surrounding cities of Istanbul, Maşukiye is one of the regions with the widest variety of trees and plants in our country. Maşukiye is especially famous for its walking routes, breakfast venues and trout options in the heart of nature. If you wish, you can experience the transition of nature to sleep in the autumn here!


  1. Düzce

Düzce, which is known for its proximity to Istanbul, may be ideal for those who want to spend time in nature and to spend the autumn with peace. There are many activities in Düzce with its highlands and great nature. If you’re going to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of nature, we recommend you to take the road to Düzce for a weekend.


  1. Prince’s Islands

One of Istanbul’s most visited locations is undoubtedly the Princes Islands. In the Prince’s Islands, especially during the summer, every month of the year, there is a high density of visitors from the city and from outside the city. To taste the peaceful atmosphere of the islands, which you cannot fully enjoy in summer due to the crowds, you must visit in the autumn. Because in the autumn months, no matter which island you choose to go, you will have a peaceful atmosphere. If you are in Istanbul and want to feel away from the city, any of the Prince’s Islands can fully meet your expectations.


  1. Riva

Very close to Kavacik, Riva is perfect for weekend getaways. In summer, this exceptional location where you can be satisfied with the sea, sand and sun trio, naps in peace in the autumn months. In the autumn you can enjoy pleasant nature walks, appetizers, and fish in Riva.


  1. Yedigöller

Bolu Yedigöller is a phenomenon of autumn. With its unique nature, you can have a delightful weekend in Bolu, which offers spectacular views, especially in the fall months. You can enjoy nature walks, spend time alone with your favorite people, taste delicious food and enjoy nature.