Famous Architect Kemalettin’s Architectural Style and His 6 Famous Works

“If you don’t put something from heart to the stone, it can’t be a monument; it won’t work unless you look at the structure from through the history.”

The famous Mimar Kemalettin Bey, who owns this meaningful sentence, is one of the prominent practitioners of the First National Architecture movement, which developed in the last years of the Ottoman Empire and continued its existence in the early years of the Republic. Europeans also consider this successful architect as “Second Mimar Sinan.” There are many architectural works of this master name, which have gained recognition in our country, and have reached our day. In this article, we will share some outstanding works that you are fascinated when you see, but perhaps you do not know that the structure belongs to Mimar Kemalettin. Here; 6 fascinating pieces by Mimar Kemalettin, the second Mimar Sinan of Europe…


  1. Ankara Evkaf Apartments

Mimar Kemalettin Bey is the architect of this private apartment building which fascinates people with its architectural features, located in Ankara. It is known that the famous names of our literature, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, and Orhan Veli Kanık, stayed in Evkaf Apartment House, which is today home to the Ankara State Theater.


  1. Edirne Railway Station

The architect of the Edirne Railway Station, which is one of the significant symbols of Edirne, is the architect Kemalettin Bey. This important architectural structure is now used as the Rectorate building of Trakya University.


  1. Dördüncü Vakıf Han

The architect of Dördüncü Vakıf Han, located in Sirkeci and drawing attention with its impressive architecture, is Mimar Kemalettin. This valuable structure is now used as Legacy Ottoman Hotel. Although it is known that the windows on the roof of the building were added during the recent restoration, the structure still maintains the grandeur of its first day.


  1. Reşadiye School

The architect of Reşadiye School in other saying Reşadiye Mektebi, which was built upon the request of Sultan Mehmet Reşad, one of the Ottoman sultans, was Mimar Kemalettin. The building is located next to the tomb of Sultan Reşad and is now used as Eyüp Anatolian High School.


  1. Tayyare Apartments

Tayyare Apartments, also recognized as Harikzedegân Apartments, are known as the first examples of multi-story social housing. Located in Istanbul-Laleli, this apartment is a unique structure with superior aesthetic architecture and the first reinforced concrete skeleton system in Istanbul. The purpose of Tayyare Apartments is to meet the sheltering needs of people who lost their homes in the fire in 1918 in the districts of Cibali, Fatih and Altımermer. For this reason, the apartments were first named Harikzedegân Apartments.


  1. Ahmet Ratıp Paşa Mansion

Ahmet Ratıp Pasha Mansion is the current Çamlıca Girls High School. Although almost none of the historic mansions around this mansion is standing today, this structure, which is one of the masterworks of Mimar Kemalettin, is still challenging the time.



The famous architect Kemalettin has many other buildings than the ones mentioned above. To briefly list these structures:

  • Two mansions for the former Berlin Consul Galip Bey on the back of Rumeli Fortress
  • Ismail Pasha Mansion and Halil Pasha Mansion in Nişantaşı
  • Sultan Reşat Mansion in Ortaköy Grove
  • Guest House in Haydarpaşa
  • Ahmet Cevdet Pasha Tomb in Fatih
  • Tomb of Gazi Osman Pasha
  • The Garage building in Plovdiv
  • Mecidiye Mosque in Yeşilköy
  • Fethiye Madrasa in Fatih
  • Kamer Hatun Mosque in Beyoğlu
  • Thessaloniki Train Station
  • Ali Rıza Paşa Tomb and Hüsnü Paşa Tomb
  • Vaki Paşa Madrasa in Alemdar, Istanbul
  • İstanbul Şehzadebaşı Student Education Center
  • İttihat and Terakki Club Building in Edirne
  • Sira Carsilar Bazaar
  • Uşak Vocational High School,
  • Bandırma Government House
  • Aydın Evkaf Directorate
  • Sultan Mehmet Reşat’s Tomb in Eyüp
  • Reşadiye School
  • 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th Vakıf Inns in Istanbul
  • Vakıf Gureba Hospital in Istanbul
  • Kuloğlu Mosque in Bostancı
  • Bebek Mosque
  • Mahmut Şevket Pasha Tomb
  • Ibrahim Pasha Mekteb-i İbtidai in Bostancı
  • Göztepe Mekteb-i İbtidai
  • Darul Ulum in Medina
  • Medresetül-çehmesi in İstanbul, Yavuz Selim.
  • Ankara Palas and seven foundation houses in Ankara
  • Ankara State Railways General Directorate
  • Ankara Gazi Institute of Education
  • 1st and 2nd Vakıf Inns in Ankara
  • School in Ankara Yenişehir
  • Mimar Kemalettin School in Ankara
  • Belva Palas
  • The American Embassy